About Us Worl Scouting Shop

The World of Scouting is not just one nation but many, former Scouts, family members of Scouts past and present, volunteers past and present, and the millions who benefit from Scouting in their communities every day.

This store helps Scouting supporters show their “Scout Spirit” - a shirt or jacket to show that you were a Scout or Scouter, a patch to sew on your backpack to display on the trail, or a neckerchief to wear with your uniform…just to name a few. These items spread the message that you support one of the best organizations in the United States and the world.

We are the shop of many nations to provide Scouting items beyond any border. 100% of our profits will be returned to Scouting. Not 50% or 75% or even 90% but 100% and I am running this as my payback to scouting.

Joe Weingarten