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Baden-Powell: The Two Lives of a Hero is the leading biography of Robert Baden-Powell – British general, adventurer, artist, writer, and founder of the worldwide Scout movement. Born in 1857, Baden-Powell entered the British Army at age 19, serving in India, Africa, and the Mediterranean. His career culminated in the successful defense of the Siege of Mafeking (1899-1900) during the Boer War, which made him the most popular general in Britain. In 1907, he turned a book for cavalry scouts into Scouting for Boys, creating an explosion of interest among young people that has enriched the lives of more than half-a-billion boys and girls.

The first in-depth, scholarly biography of Lord Baden-Powell, Baden-Powell: The Two Lives of a Hero was written by William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt, with the help of Lady Baden-Powell. Hillcourt, the most prolific author of Scout literature in history, had a long association with Lord and Lady Baden-Powell. Extensively researched and footnoted, and engagingly written, this book is a captivating look into the life of one of the most interesting figures of his time and the most successful youth leader of all time.


496 Pages, 6x9 inches

ISBN 979-8848683608