"How to be a Scout" by Bear Grylls, you don't have to pre-order on Amazon you can get it right now here. And it comes with the patch you can't get in the USA except from us.




WoodBadge we are the only source for beads from Gilwel


Scouting is a world affair in almost every corner of our planet you will find a scout. Some of the programs are worldwide such as Woodbadge and I hope to bring WoodBadge items from different countries to this store for your collecting and enjoyment. We will whenever possible provide products from other nations and for example patches and shirts for the upcoming world jamboree. Wants something from the world shop we don't yet have let me know so I can check into it. If are you a Scout in another nation and want to sell an item in the USA, let us know and we might be able to post it on our website.

We are the official USA Distributor of the World Scout Store in the United Kingdom and will carry many of their items. This will save US customers the high shipping costs from overseas.

Please remember we are brand new so give me time to get this fully going.

Shipping costs / Oversseas Shipping - in January 2019 the Post Office substantially raised some rates. We are sorry if some of the rates appear high. But sometimes the system adds the rates wrong for example 10 coins would be higher than it should be. When this happens I will adjust and issue a refund. Overseas- if your package is going to an APO, FPO the shipping is the same as USA, if to another country please check with us on shipping costs our system does not reflect overseas shipping.

Who we are and how to get in touch::

Shopkeeper:: Joe Weingarten, I serve on two BSA National Committees and am a lifelong Scout. Eagle Scout, WoodBadge Trained and OA Vigil Member. I have been a Scoutmaster, District Chair and have held many more positions so I understand many facets of Scouting. I have attended two World Jamborees and many US Jamborees. This is a scout store run by a scout.

My e-mail is mrmac@aol.com and phone number is 317-223-5344 (Eastern Time Zone so only between 9AM and 8PM.)